it’s critical that you replace the air filters in your system

Whether you utilize window, ductless or whole structure HVAC systems as a home or business owner, it’s critical that you replace the air filters in your system at the start of the season and regularly clean them. Any type of debris that enters the system can cause inadequate air flow that results in parts overheating as they struggle to push cool air into the building. A dirty evaporator coil and poor humidity control caused by inadequate air flow can result in the coil freezing to the point that it stops working correctly.

The key to keeping your air conditioner from overworking is maintenance. Intake filters provide the greatest defense against fine dust, pollen, dirt and other particles that can collect inside a system. To clean one or more reusable filters, turn off your AC, remove the filters and take them outside. Use a vacuum to remove the bulk of the debris and then wash the filters with a mild detergent followed by clean water from a hose at a medium spray pressure. Air dry the filters thoroughly before placing them back in the unit.

For more information about this topic or to schedule an appointment for a maintenance inspection, contact the air conditioner experts at Superior Heating and Cooling today.

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