Venice, Florida is a beautiful place to call home. No matter where your home is located in the area, you can enjoy a more comfortable living experience by having a humidistat installed on your air conditioning system to keep moisture levels low.

Superior Heating and Cooling is your AC Repair specialist in the greater Venice area. We are a family owned and operated business that has received the “Best of Venice” Award for our expertise in air conditioning installation and repair. We often recommend installing a humidistat in order to provide better control of the humidity levels throughout your home, because we know that it’s not only high temperatures that can cause discomfort but the level of humidity that can make you feel drained.

The trained technicians at Superior Heating and Cooling know just the right location for placing a humidistat for optimum effectiveness. We also are expert at setting the humidistat to respond properly to temperature changes. Having a proper humidity level in your home not only increases your overall comfort, it prevents condensation on the walls, windows and doors, as well as eliminating the problem of water puddles on the windowsills. Call our AC Repair team today to ask how a humidistat can improve your quality of life!

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